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1 Debating Through the Arts-Performance Art Event 1

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Artists and Producers, Jerri Allyn and Inez Bush                                                          with collaborating Artists

Debating Through the Arts-Performance Art Event 1

24th Street Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, USA,Dec 5, 2009, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Can you imagine including artists on the world stage in the Model UN Program, participating as cultural workers in global affairs?

From Debate to Create     Through a structure of debate, caucus, collaboration, performance and voting that echoes United Nations proceedings, artists and audience come together to explore social issues. By developing creative referendums (art, music, theatre or dance), the goal is to provide a performative context for artists to demonstrate the importance of the arts in solving conflicts. (The Model United Nations Program simulates activities in the UN General Assembly through conferences at universities throughout the world.)

Debate 1 was a daylong performance event based on a Model UN paradigm. Artists chose topics and a team; developed arguments and debated their view to an audience; caucused with those outside of their team; then collaboratively developed and proposed new artistic “referendums” (in Model UN parlance). The event culminated with the assembled gathering voting on their favorite solutions.

The audience was invited to come all day or drop in throughout the day. Recommended times to attend: 9:00-11:00 Artist Debates or                               4:00-6:00 Proposed Creative Referendum Performances.

Debate 1 included 4 teams of artists creatively debating pros                 and cons of: 

  • Freedom of Expression: Should there be limits on Freedom of Expression?
  • Gentrification and Cultural Equity: Can community members and local governments ensure cultural equity in the beautification of their neighborhoods? How do we resolve the class war?

Participating artists     Juna Amano, Shana Nys Dambrot, Micol Hebron, Michele Jaquis, Carol McDowell, Marissa Mercado, Beth Peterson, Trinidad Ruiz, Marjan Vayghan.

Joined by the following throughout the day: Gloria Alvarez, Bill Bush, Slobodan Dimitrov, Linda Kunik, Susan Mogul, Ofunne Obiamiwe and other members of the general public.

A socially interactive lunch by Jules Rochielle and Portable City Projects Team:     Flora Kao.

Photo Documentation     Slobodan Dimitrov, Inez Bush

Video Documentation     Bill Bush