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A Chair is a Throne is a Freedom Fighter’s Camp Stool

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A Chair is a Throne is a Freedom Fighter’s Camp Stool                        Premiere, New York Public Libraries, all five boroughs, NYC, NY                        Sponsor: Lower Manhattan Cultural Center                                                                              April – October, 2002

Allyn’s site-oriented, interactive art installation, A Chair is a Stool is a Freedom Fighter’s Camp Stool was created for public libraries, sites of democracy where a spectrum of opinions are allowed, and is made up of twenty-one sculptural chairs and stools that act as portraits of people who have resolved conflicts creatively. The public is invited to sit on the sculptural seats to listen to soundscapes by award winning Public Radio Producer Helene Rosenbluth, with stories written and narrated by Allyn and Rosenbluth. 

Photo Documentation     Marty Heitner